Site Title


  1. Excavation :
    • Site development
    • Deep excavation
    • Footing Excavation
  2. Filling :
    • Basement filling
    • Low level area filling
  3. Infrasructure:
    • Road formation
    • Storm water drain formation
    • Culverts & bridges
  4. Demolition:
    • Rock Demolition
    • Building Demolition
    • Bridge demolition
  5. Shoring & Strutting :
    • Steel shoring
    • Soil Stabilisation
    • Guniting
  6. Dewatering :
    • Deep borewell dewatering
    • Open well dewatering
  7. Hiring :
    • Plant & machineries

Earthwork excavation:

The company undertakes all kinds of excavation work and has completed several projects for leading companies in and around Chennai. Our area of expertise :

  1. Deep excavation
  2. Footing & foundation excavation
  3. Site development including site grading works
  4. Trench cutting



The firm undertakes complete low area filling and leveling including compaction to the satisfaction of the client. It also undertakes basement filling works using filling material brought our reputed quarries situated all around Chennai.


Infrastructure works:

Infrastructure works like road formation including bitumen topping, pipe & RCC box culvert including all civil related works are undertaken by the company and has completed several projects for reputed firms. Complete set of machineries required for infrastructure development are available with the company.



The company utilizes several method for rock & concrete demolitions. It uses chemicals, rock breakers attached to excavators, hydraulic rock splitters, wire saw cutting, diamond cutting and cardox. The company is the only firm to use the cardox method ( use of co2 gas in liquid form) in India. Also specializes in controlled blasting techniques. Several projects have been completed successfully.


Shoring & strutting work

The company specializes in several types of shoring works like soil stabilization using lime mix, shot crete, soil nailing. Guniting and steel shoring. The required machineries for the work is available with the company itself.


Dewatering :

The company has established itself in the field of dewatering using both deep borewell system and open well dewatering system. The company possesses heavy duty diesel pumps, electrical pumps, submersible pumps, generators and its allied machineries to undertake any kind of dewatering work.


Hiring :

The company has under its fold all kinds of machinery required for earthwork and the same are available for hire on daily basis or on monthly rental basis.



Hi Tech Machineries


Model : PC200, Quantity : 9


Model : EX200, Quantity : 3


Model : Ex70,100, Quantity : 6

Skid steer

Model : Robot, Quantity : 1

Rock breakers

Model : MB1600,1000,okada, Quantity : 5

Backhoe loaders

Model : Jcb, Quantity : 12


Model : Al &Tata, Quantity : 20


Model : BEML , CAT, Quantity : 3

Drilling machine

Model : Roc 203, Quantity : 1

Vibromax roller

Model : IG, Quantity : 3

Dewatering Pump

Model : 5HP motor, Quantity : 9

Survey Instruments

Quantity : 3

Plate compactors

Quantity : 2

Soil testing Equipments

Quantity : 2 Sets