VRC has since inception been strong in technology. We purchased the third JCB in Chennai in 1995, and the first Sany in Chennai when they entered India. We are either the first or among the first to purchase the latest construction/earthmoving equipment in Chennai. We have changed the face of the earthmoving sector in South India by adoption of mechanised equipment and technology to excavate and to move earth, rocks, sand, clay and more.

As testimony of our early mover and adopter reputation equipment manufacturers have commended and feted us in their annual reviews and get-togethers to recognise our contribution in this sector.

Plant and Machinery

Our company is equipped with the latest state-of-art Construction equipment & Machineries. This enables the company to deliver high quality work within short time to satisfy the most demanding clients. An integrated ERP management system has been implemented to maintain the highest quality and safety in our operations. The operators are effectively trained and certified in handling the equipments and machineries and several of them having been working with us for over a decade.

Excavation Equipments & Machineries

S.No Description Model Quantity
1 Excavators BEML300, SANY 240, SANY 220, SANY 210, SANY 140, L&T PC 200, L&T PC 71, TMX 20 21
2 Rock Breakers SMM 800 , SMM 300 12
3 Skid Steer BOBCAT 3
4 Hydraulic Splitters KO 7000 1
5 Vaccum Splitters C 9, C 12 3
6 Tarus AL, TATA 24
7 Tipper AL 2
8 Backhoe Loaders TATA Hitachi , JCB , L&T Case 4
9 Dozer 1
10 Drilling Machine TE 800, 1000 & 2000 9
11 Wire Saw Machine Optima 2
12 Diamond Wire Saw Machine SS 60 1
13 Self Loader Concrete mixer SIM 4000 Schwing stetter 1
14 Compressor ELGI 1100, DOOSAN 600 2
15 Trailer 40 Feet trailer 1
16 Transport Vehicle Eicher, TATA ACE, Bolero, Tractor 4
17 Vibromax roller JCB 115 1
18 Core cutting 100 mm dia. 1

Construction Equipments & Machineries

S.No Description Model Quantity
1 Hoist HE 525 4
2 Concrete mixer weigh batcher 5
3 Scaffolding material 10,000 sqm
4 Rebar Cutting and Bending Equipment BELL 6
5 Vibrator with needle 10
6 Plate Compactors 4
7 Portable light mast 4
8 Portable Generator 32.5 Kva Powerica 6
9 Small pumps & Miscellaneous Accessories


VRC is completely client-focussed and has time and again helped clients to complete their projects on time. We understand that once we finish our work, the client has many more works to be done to make the site operations ready. So from our side, we ensure that there are no delays or interruptions.

Over the years we have received testimonials from many of our customers.

Timely Completion

We understand that construction projects are mostly driven by tight timelines.

In an earthmoving project, everything has to go like clock-work - a small mishap here, a few communication gaps there can cost a lot, for all stakeholders.

Our experience of over 25 years comes handy, as we can think through most of the potential “falls" and “fails”. Some of our field staff have been with us from day one and they are the key to ensuring project continuity through any potential challenges.

More often than not, excavation is a dependent process, and we work harder than what we had signed up for to ensure that we complete our part well ahead of time. This one factor has helped our partners save not just money, but their reputation too with their end-clients.

We’ve derived great satisfaction in standing by our commitments.

We derive great satisfaction in standing by our commitments and more often than not deliver more than what we committed.