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VRC has been at the forefront of innovation and technology in the earthmoving sector in Chennai and Tamilnadu since 1994. This company has been among the first to introduce mechanised equipment in excavation and earthmoving works by acquiring the latest machinery early so that builders could go as deep as 40 feet below ground to enable the onset of double basement buildings in the 90s and now into triple basements. From digging deeper and stronger than ever before, this company has graduated to building the tallest LNG tanks in South India for IOC in Ennore which was inaugurated in 2019 by the Prime Minister of India. One of the recent successes was the Defence Expo in Chennai where in just 23 days we filled and levelled over 50 acres of land and developed roads for an International Defence Expo that was a high-powered event inaugurated by our Prime Minister of India.

We are leading contractors in:

  • Excavation
  • Construction
  • Infrastructure development
  • Water works

Our company believes that timely completion of projects is the key ingredient for the success of builders and their clients and they have been successfully doing this for the last 25 years

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Why Choose Us

Over the years, this company has attracted talent from construction and infrastructure giants and today this company stands poised to become one of the leaders in its field.


VRC has since inception been strong in technology. We were either the first or among the first to purchase JCBs, SANY and other brands of equipment in Chennai since 1994.

Plant and Machinery

VRC has invested in plant and machinery to build capacity and the ability to take on large projects. Some of the equipment that we currently possess are:

Timely completion

We understand that once we finish our work, the client has many more works to be done to make the site operations ready. So from our side, we ensure that there are no delays or interruptions.


VRC is completely client-focussed and has time and again helped clients to complete their projects on time.




Earthmoving has evolved from a low-end manual process into a complex and technology dependent field over the last few decades with the use of sophisticated and mechanised equipment.

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VRC has taken up and successfully completed challenging projects in construction. The very first large construction project we took was IOC’s LNG tank in Ennore, Tamilnadu that was recently inaugurated by our Prime Minister.

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VRC has expertise in development and construction of roads, Storm water drains, Water tanks, Petrol/LNG tanks, airport parking, tarmac, interior roads, compound walls, and other infra for factories, ports, airports, commercial complexes, Defence, PSUs, etc.

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VRC has tied up with Pratik Enviro Solutions for complete solutions in STP, WTP, lake & water bodies restoration, Solid Waste Management, Aquifers and small dams.

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